Unsure about what happens when you separate?

I work with couples and families to facilitate compromise, resolve disputes and communicate solutions to the challenges of ending a marriage or common-law relationship so that all involved can move forward with their lives in a positive frame of mind.

As an accredited mediator who is also a licensed lawyer, I am able to convert the terms you reach in mediation into a final domestic contract -- whether it be a cohabitation agreement, a marriage contract, or a separation agreement.

I will give you the tools to support the give-and-take required to reach win-win agreements.

While mediation has many applications, it is most frequently used to end a marriage or common-law relationship, which can be devastating as most people don’t know where to turn or who they can trust.

The ending of a relationship can be challenging. There are so many questions and unknowns. The uncertainty of the future can cause you stress or fear.

Deeble Family Mediation can help you.


Rights and responsibilities for couples are complicated when they separate. Parenting, property division, and support are very dissimilar areas of law. Click below to learn more.


There are important first steps in beginning the process towards successful mediation. From first call to final agreement, let us help you to make this a smooth transition.


Meet Christopher Deeble, accredited family lawyer and proprietor.


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